Eric Day

Tax Attorney & LLM

Eric Day has served as a tax compliance officer, legal extern, and auditor for the Internal Revenue Service. He holds his Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho School of Law and his Master of Laws in Taxation from Loyola Law School.

Eric uses his in-depth knowledge of tax laws to break down complex topics for his clients, and his experience in taxes, law, and business put him a cut above a standard CPA.

Steven L. Day

Litigation Attorney

Originally from Twin Falls, Idaho, Steven attended Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, ultimately obtaining degrees in marketing and finance from the University of Utah. Since 1987, he has practiced law in the Las Vegas area and successfully fought for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Who better to help you than a former IRS auditor?

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Working with the IRS showed me how and why people fall behind on their taxes. Now, I use that insight to help those same people avoid tax pitfalls and overcome any debt they may already have.
Eric Day

With online filing and a tax office on nearly every corner, many tax preparation companies are trying to sell convenience. While convenience is certainly important, accuracy is even more crucial when it comes to your taxes. You need someone who has both a deep and broad understanding of taxes, the IRS, and your personal and business finances.

Our lead tax attorney, Eric Day, has a background in business and taxes. He has handled tax plans for small and large businesses, audited taxpayers on behalf of the IRS, and obtained the highest tax law degree possible. Whether you’re being audited, building a tax plan for your business, or handling a tax lien from the IRS, our uniquely specific experience will be the biggest asset in your case.

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The first step is to call a tax professional for help. It’s never too early or too late to work with a tax attorney on your case — so no matter the case and the timeline, you will only improve your chances of success by hiring an experienced tax lawyer.

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