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There isn’t anything more intimidating than receiving a letter from IRS indicating how much you owe them. The IRS isn’t like any other debt collector, where you can oftentimes stick your head in the sand and hope they will just go away. Unfortunately, the IRS will not go away, in fact, they will get more aggressive with each attempt to dodge them. When dealing with the IRS it is important to have a tax attorney at your side.

By establishing that you are willing to work on your debt and not avoid it, the IRS becomes more willing to negotiate or settle your debt in a friendly manner. Having someone with knowledge of the tax code is essential to the negotiations going smoothly. By contacting us we can help you determine what process of repayment works best for you and your special set of circumstances. When repaying the IRS there are multiple options for the taxpayer.

Some of those options include:

Currently Not Collectible Status

When you are placed in currently not collectible status with the IRS, it puts all collection activity on hold. This is a form of tax deferral until you are financially stable enough to pay down the debt.

Offer in Compromise 

An Offer in Compromise is the process where a taxpayer can negotiate their debt for less than what they owe. A taxpayer would need to fall within a certain set of guidelines to qualify. The IRS will take a snapshot of your current financial condition to determine what they can reasonably expect to collect from you. Oftentimes the IRS is willing to take much less of what you owe as opposed to nothing at all. With our experienced tax attorneys, we will make sure to present your financial snapshot in a light most favorable to you.

Installment Agreement

When you owe a large amount of taxes to the IRS, it might seem impossible to pay it down in a reasonable amount of time based on your income levels. Fortunately, the IRS will work with you by allowing you to make payments toward your debt that are affordable to you and your household. 

After a complete review of your financial situation, we will negotiate with the IRS on a monthly payment that makes sense for you and your family.