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Tax Preparation Attorneys Serving Henderson & Las Vegas

Good tax preparation is not simply used to report income and deductions but should provide your tax preparer with the information needed to develop a good tax plan. At Day & Associates, a tax return is a progress report on what your tax plan is doing for you. As we prepare your returns, we will continue to adjust your tax plan as your circumstances change over time. Our goal is to maximize your options available for the most tax savings.

When dealing with the IRS, there are no options if you have not been compliant in the filing of your tax returns. In fact, the first step to every good IRS negotiation is to conduct a compliance check to see what needs to be filed before we can begin negotiating. Frequently, taxpayers get behind a couple of years of filing and find it overwhelming to get back on track. At Day & Associates, we have the tax experts available to assist you in the filing of your tax returns whether they be past due or the current tax year. Through a professional tax preparer, you will often find that the outcome is not as bad as you
thought it would be.

If you fall behind in your tax preparation, don’t stick your head in the sand and hope it will go away. Work with the tax professionals at Day & Associates to get your returns done accurately and timely so we can get you back on track. Contact us today for your tax preparation needs.