Successful Tax Cases

2015 – Taxpayer loses audit based on real estate education that she took to improve her ability as a Real
Estate Professional. After contacting me for representation, I filed with the US Tax Court where I
successfully negotiated her balance to no tax due ($0). Because she had established herself as a tax
professional we were able to get the IRS to accept the education expenses she incurred, which
otherwise would not be deductible.

No Tax Due

2016 – Taxpayer had lost an audit related to small business stock loss write-off. Contacted us and asked
us to represent him in his appeal of the case. We appealed the decision of the auditor and were able to
successfully substantiate all the stock losses that he had recorded on his return. He went from owing
the IRS $19,971.00 in taxes and penalties to $0 (no taxes due).

Owed $0 In Taxes

2017 – Taxpayer had incurred a tax liability of $2,649,448.64 in taxes, penalties and interest from an
audit that was conducted on their 1120 tax return. Additionally, taxpayer failed to file a petition with
the Tax Court within a timely manner. They contacted us thinking all was lost. We filed an Offer in
Compromise – Doubt as to Liability on behalf of the taxpayer and were able to provide the IRS with
substantiation to reduce the balance to $3,957.00. That’s a 99.8% reduction in tax liability that took a
client from Bankruptcy to financial freedom.

99.8% Reduction in Tax Liability